The People of CP of NYS

Check back often for compelling stories about the people at CP of NYS and our 24 Affiliates across the state.

Tommy Gannon
Tommy lives in an apartment in the Bronx with four friends.  Aside from his roommates, Tommy is well-known, visible and involved in the community.  He works part-time at the Veterans Administration Hospital, which provides him with a sense of accomplishment. “My job makes me feel good,” he says. Tommy spends much of his leisure time at a nearby New York City Fire Department station house where he helps out with small tasks, like raking leaves, sweeping up, and decorating for the holidays.  Tommy tries to foster independence in others through advocacy and by telling his story as a reminder to all that the support he receives from CP of NYS has been essential in his growth as an active member in his community. He speaks to groups about how happy he is to have had the chance to remain in his neighborhood, work and live with people he enjoys and to be an active member of the community.
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Tommy Gannon