Quality Management

The Quality Management Department is dedicated to the development, implementation, promotion and execution of best practices throughout all services within the agency that will:
  • Enhance the quality of services provided to the individuals we serve, their families, our staff and the surrounding communities
  • Always strive to improve the quality of life for each person who utilizes our services
  • Promote a standard of excellence that supersedes regulatory compliance
  • Provide technical support to and collaboration with all staff to reinforce our commitment to comply with State and Federal regulations in conjunction with agency policy and procedures



Continuous Education: The Department is committed to ensuring that all staff are kept informed of information concerning changes in regulatory standards and agency policies

Person Centered Approach: The utilization of the personal outcomes measures (POM) tools to assess, develop, implement and measure the personal achievement and growth in the lives of all people we serve

Internal Service Reviews: each program service department utilizes tools to conduct self-surveys.  The tools are developed and updated based on state requirements, agency systems and acceptable best practices.  All self-surveys are reviewed by Quality Management personnel who review the results and generate comprehensive reports concerning areas of improvement needed. 

Trend Reports: Detailed reports are generated in two categories

  • Quality Management: Data is collected and analyzed from internal and external surveys.  Data is analyzed and reports generated that acknowledge best practices provided and recommendations for improvement of service delivery
  • Incident Management: Data is collected and analyzed regarding all incidents filed in all required categories.  This information is measured, analyzed and trends are identified.  Recommendations are made for needed improvements

Incident Management:  ensures that all regulatory guidelines established by OPWDD and the Justice Center that are developed to protect the health, safety and dignity of the individuals served are adhered to.  Additional information concerning incidents can be found in the following links:

For more information, contact:  Heather Poore, Director of Quality Management at (212) 947-5770 ext. 571 or at  [email protected]