Our Services

Metro Services provides Medicaid Service Coordination (MSC) to individuals with developmental disabilities in all five boroughs of New York City.  Our highly qualified, experienced service coordinators assist individuals and their families in accessing the supports and services necessary for each person to achieve his/her unique personal goals including choice of home, work, community life, social and leisure activities, meaningful relationships and optimal health.

Service Coordinators play a significant role in helping individuals exercise their right to determine the course of their lives. Our Service Coordination staff have a vast knowledge of resources and are well versed in navigating complex benefit systems including Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security.  Metro Services provides Service Coordination to individuals who live at home with their families, or in independent living settings and certified community residences. For more information please contact:

Beth Lochansky                                      
[email protected]                        
(212) 947-5770 ext 236                          


Through our Metropolitan Services, Cerebral Palsy Associations of New York State offers a wide range of programs and services designed to support people with disabilities in leading more independent lives. 

These include:

  • Community Living Services
  • Adult Day Habilitation Programs
  • Vocational Services 
  • Comprehensive Health Care Services
  • Service Coordination

Residential, Clinic, Day Program and other services are located in the five Boroughs of New York City. 

Residential Services

Community Living Services

Metro Services offers a comprehensive Community Living Service program for individuals with developmental disabilities, affording them the opportunity to live in an apartment or group home. Specialized living arrangements are available for individuals who also have chronic health conditions.

Community Habilitation Services (formally At Home Residential Habilitation Services)

This program offers services to persons with developmental disabilities in their homes (non-certified settings) and communities where they live. People develop skills enabling them to live independently with minimal support.

Day & Vocational Programs

Day Programs

Day programs offer an array of services individualized to meet each person’s unique needs to learn skills for community living. The programs include opportunities for people to participate in integrated, community-based activities and are located at:

West Farms Center
1880 Bryant Avenue
Bronx, NY 10460

Contact: Crystal D. King

[email protected] 
(718) 665-6414

Linda Buch-Gherardi Center
921 East New York Avenue
Brooklyn,NY 11203

Contact: Kevin Kenney

[email protected]
(718) 221-9931

Cora Hofman Center
2324 Forest Avenue
Staten Island, NY 10303

Contact: Kevin Kenney

[email protected]
(718) 447-8205 

Day Habilitation Without Walls is a community-based volunteer program for individuals with developmental disabilities. Individuals participate in internships in order to explore career interest, develop marketable work skills, and/or perform work that is meaningful and rewarding.  This is a city wide program that provides services in the communities and businesses near where our people live. This program is located at:

921 East New York Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11203

(718) 735-8601


Vocational Services – Job Placement, Vocational Assessments and Supported Employment Services
The CP of NYS Supported Employment Program is a vocational program providing opportunities for people with a variety of disabilities which include but not limited to traumatic brain injuries, developmental disabilities and visual impairments; to receive Job Placement Training, Vocational Assessments, Advocacy, and Ongoing Job Site Support Services.  This program is also located at:

921 East New York Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11203

(718) 735-8601

Community Support Services

Service Coordination

Service Coordinators are available to advocate, provide referrals to needed services, and monitor an individual's progress in and satisfaction with the programs he/she is involved in. These services are provided to individuals living at home with their families or in independent living settings and Community Residences.

The Brooklyn Social Club

The Brooklyn Social Club focuses on the specific social networking experiences of adults from Brooklyn who are self-directing men and women with physical disabilities, living with their family members.

Transportation Services:

Cerebral Palsy Transport, Inc.

Cerebral Palsy Transport, Inc. (CPT) is a division of CP of NYS that provides daily, specialized transportation services to over 1,000 people. CPT services include both routine and demand responsive trips on a 24-hour, seven day per week basis to all scheduled destinations.

After School/Respite Programs

Metro Services conducts an after school program at Hungerford School on Staten Island.  CP of NYS also provides Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) respite through its recreational and socialization programs in the Bronx and Staten Island. These programs provide an opportunity for much needed relief to families or care givers of children and adults with significant disabilities living at home, either through weekend recreational activities available in the Bronx or through extended hours after school/day program in Staten Island.

Health Care Centers

Metropolitan Services specializes in a wide range of primary care and specialty medical, dental and rehabilitative psychiatric services for people with disabilities.  Our physicians and clinical staff specialize in meeting the health care needs of children, adolescents and adults with developmental disabilities.  We also serve the non-disabled.  Our skilled and compassionate team of health care professionals provide a comfortable and caring atmosphere.

Dental Services

Three dental centers are conveniently located in Staten Island, Brooklyn, and the Bronx.  Our experienced dentists and dental assistants specialize in serving the various needs of our patients.  Our professional staff has extensive experience in serving people with developmental disabilities.  Our centers are available to treat both adult and pediatric patience with disabilities and their families.  All centers are wheelchair accessible.

Audiology Services

Comprehensive hearing assessment services are available in our Audiology clinics and are available to children, young adults and senior citizen.

Rehabilitation Services

Our highly trained and professional team of psychiatrists, speech language pathologist, and occupational and physical therapists concentrate their efforts on providing the best services possible, focusing on the abilities of people rather than their disabilities.  Many of our clinicians are certified by the Rehabilitation Engineering Society of North America (RESNA).  Our centers are equipped to assess, prescribe, order and maintain a variety of rehabilitation equipment and devices.  Patients are offered an array of choices to meet their rehabilitative needs.